"It is a piece that brings to mind the moment of departure from a train station; that makes the fingers stretch to touch a last time; that makes you think, yes, the life of sensation, and no other."

—David Leavitt, from The Page Turner

(Source: Spotify)

"When the Holy Spirit saw that mankind was ill-inclined toward virtue and that we were heedless of the righteous life because of our inclination to pleasure, what did he do? He blended the delight of melody with doctrine in order that through the pleasantness and softness of sound we might unawares receive what was useful in the words."

— St. Basil ~ 370 C.E.



You never officially put out any other material. Did you play live at all? 

"We played out soooo much. There is no record of this because no one had phones. Instead of holding an iPhone, everyone held Bud longnecks… it is inexplicable." 

— Peter Dayton

"Metaphysicians are musicians without musical ability."

— Rudolph Carnap (quoted in Rebecca Goldstein’s The Mind-Body Problem.)

Dan Bern busking in Chicago (via)

Dan Bern busking in Chicago (via)